Post-graduate programme

Theatre Works

This is a production programme only available to graduates of the full-time School. Under the direction of Ron East, each ensemble will develop and present a complete show for the public. There are places for three ensembles per year, the first starts in August and showcases in December, the second starts in September and showcases in March, and the third starts in November and showcases in June.

Development and rehearsal take place evenings and weekends, so that participants can also implement the technical and marketing elements of their project, and support themselves. Guidance is provided in all aspects of the production, and participants have control of their own budget. Acceptance into the programme is at the discretion of the Director.

The Production Year

Available to graduates of the full-time programme and those with an equivalent background of training & experience. TheatreWorks is designed to develop selected projects devised by graduate students for public performance on a professional basis. Presentations can be solo or in groups. Under the direction of Ron East, the School provides support for Rehearsal, Production and Marketing. Participants are responsible for all aspects of the presentation and the resulting show is theirs. Projects are selected based on merit, readiness and commitment.


  1. Third week of September to the end of the first week of December
  2. Second week of January to the third week of March
  3. April to the end of June


Each person pays £1300 fees, £200 production costs, Total £1500
*This investment is administered by the school as a student resource to pay production and marketing costs for the show.

Rehearsals take place in the evenings and on weekends only, so that participants can work part-time and accomplish all of the production and marketing aspects of the presentation during business hours. There is a public showcase performance presented at the school or in another London venue for each successful project.

How to apply

Application forms are available from the School and must be submitted by August lst each year to be considered for either the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.

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