Fulltime professional programme

The Professional School

The School bases its work on the observation of everyday life and the dynamic of the natural world as it is reflected in the body. By recalling the great physical theatre traditions of the past - from the tragic to the comedic, the School offers an indispensable dimension of experiential play. We consider mimesis the school of the theatre artist and the artist as an author in search of his or her own style. By employing an improvisational approach, the artist is opened up to the theatrical event in situation, movement, and dialogue, provoking the invention of an original theatrical language.

The training includes

Movement Analysis

including conditioning, strength, flexibility, developing an anatomical vocabulary, principles for relating the body to the theatrical space, studies of imagery, and interpretation


introduced as the study of movement in action from floor to aerial movement, contact improv, work with objects, with applications including juggling and stage combat


including studies to develop a mimetic vocabulary, choreography, craft and style, and applications in play. Also includes training with voice and text.


including the re-play of everyday life, the mask of discovery, dynamics of nature - elements, materials, animals, the masks of evolution, expressive and found masks, mask-making, your own mask, characterization, the passions, transferral of poetry, painting, and music into theatrical imagery.

We undertake an exploration of the language of gesture and storytelling, dramatic imagery, melodrama, chorus and tragedy, commedia dell'arte and the human comedy, buffoon and clown.


In-house weekly presentations based on given themes, there are three public presentations of your work (at the end of each term).

Annual Full-time Programme
  Start/End Length
Term 1: October to Mid-December 11 weeks
Term 2: January to Mid-March 11 weeks
Term 3: April to the end of June 11 weeks

Classes run Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:30 and 18:30 daily. The tuition is £3,900.00, payable in three installments before the start of each term. There is an initial application fee of £50.00 which, you may pay by cheque, postal order, banker's draft or electronic transfer. Applications will not be considered until the application fee has been received by the school.

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