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Students graduating from the one year professional programme are issued with a certificate of graduation. Students completing the summer intensive programme are issued with a certificate of completion. Students completing the pedagogical programme are issued a certificate of graduation.

1. Graduates of the full-time professional programme are prepared to work in the professional theatre. Approximately 80% of our graduates find and continue to work and earn their living as artists both in England and around the world. Each individual discovers his or her strengths during the programme, and by pursuing these, builds a successful career.

2. To this end, we provide a set of 'business' seminars that are designed to answer questions and provide tools necessary to work as creator/performers internationally in the profession.

3. We actively support and encourage our graduates in their chosen fields and in their own communities. We do this by providing advice and consultation to our grads, recommendations, support and encouragement. We also offer two post-graduate programmes designed specifically to meet the needs of our students.

4. The post-grad TheatreWorks programme is set up to encourage graduates, both solo and in groups, to create and present their own full-length pieces. We have mounted 6 shows to date, all performed publicly. There are 2 shows in the Works at the moment. A programme is designed individually to suit each project with defined goals, planning and marketing support, dramaturgy, direction and choreographic support, and space for rehearsal and a showcase performance.

5. The post-grad Pedagogical programme is designed to provide in-depth teacher training and experience leading to certification to instruct in the Lecoq-based method. It is undertaken using an apprenticeship model.

Here is what some of our graduates have to say about us:

"Thank you for your support during all of the year"
Celine Feires 2006, France

"As much as I moved to London without thinking things through, I could not wish for a more amazing year. You have taught me so much.. it has been my greatest joy. "
Ty Freedman 2005, U.S. A.

"Merci pour toute ton attention et passion. A bientot pour de nouvelles aventures. "
Sonia Erhard 2005, France

"Words can't express how grateful I am to you, for everything you have done for me. I will never forget my year here. There have been tears and laughter, but most of all... I'm coming back! "
Ruth Sloane 2005, England

"Thank you Ron very very much!"
Seung Jun Lee 2005, South Korea

"This has been a wonderful, challenging, door - and eye-opening experience. Thank you for your support, warmth, and clarity of vision. You are a wonderful teacher. So excited to continue this work."
Satoshi Inomata (Summer and Full-time programmes 2003 Japan)

"Thank you again for everything. The support you gave me during the sabbatical (pedagogical year) was enormous, and most appreciated. "
Roger Parent 2003 Canada

What just some of our grads are doing:

Sonia Erdhard 2004-2005. France
“Thank you so much Ron for having given me your knowledge and confidence, I keep realising how much I rely on it now…”

She’s performing a piece entitled ‘Bienvenue au Village’ in the ‘Theatre de la Chelidoine’ in France, Egleton. She will be giving drama courses to teenagers from September to December with the same company. For the summer she’s touring with Cirque Jo Bithume in a version of Frankenstein. She’s also touring in the summer 2007 with this same show.

For more information about the company and the show:

From January 17th to March 17th 2007 she’ll be performing in Paris with Theatre du Lierre in a play entitled Salina by Laurent Gaude. She’ll be playing the role ‘Sowumba’.

Rosalie Nickerson. 2004-2005. UK

Rose is now in Spain thanks to an audition that she did for the Company Forum Theatre in Valencia. She got accepted right away and is now working with them performing her own solo show entitled: Magic Mary. She helped creating this 50 minutes show, which includes: mime, singing, dance, puppetry, and storytelling. She tours all over Spain. Company Forum makes shows in English to teach English to Spanish kids. She’s been living there since October 2005.

Ty Freedman. 2004-2005. USA
“I have heard lovely things from Rose, and Elise, and Sonia, so I am very proud of my class. It seems like we are all working very hard.”

Ty is at the University of Chicago doing his Drama Degree. He is performing in a circus doing his own clown solo piece. Last fall he was performing a new play with the Theatre Company at Chicago University. He is also performing stand up comedy at bars at night with pieces created at the School.

Agnieska Blonska. 2003-2004 Poland

She premiered her debut performance – ‘Suffocation’ – in October 2004 at the ‘Experimentica 04’ festival at Chapter Arts Centre. Following the premiere they opened ‘Co-Habitation’ at tactileBOSCH and subsequently performed at Glamorgan University in December 2004. In May 2005 ‘Suffocation’ began touring, playing at The Space, London Docklands; South Hill Park, Bracknell, and in June returning to Chapter Arts Centre. As a result of this, Equaldoubt has performed at ‘Octoberfest’ at Battersea Arts Centre, London as a precursor to a run which took place at Battersea Arts Centre in mid-November 2005.

This month Equaldoubt are on the road again with their new performance 3, which is premiering at ‘South Street’ in Reading on April 22nd at 3.30pm as part of the FRESH Festival 2006. ‘3’ will be in Cardiff at Chapter Arts Centre - May 30th, 31st and June 1st.

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Harif Ovalle. 2003-2004. Mexico
“Almost two years have passed since I left the school, but I haven’t forgotten you and all the experiences we lived.”

He is creating and performing new work. He developed his command piece (work developed at the School in the 3rd term) and presented it in Mexico, which has been very successful. When he came back from London he opened his own studio where he teaches and gives physical theatre workshops for actors. In his studio he also organises activities such as international workshops, conferences, demonstrations, dance lessons and cultural exchanges among other artistic events. He also works as a professor in the National School of Dramatic Arts in Mexico City, and tours with his workshops around the country.

Myung Hee Han. 2003-2004. North Korea
Myung is busy doing her PhD at the moment, but she’s done several performances. She performed in ‘Migrant Overture’ as part of the Visions 2004 launch pad. This piece was presented in Brighton at the Nightingale Theatre. Recently she performed in the Showcase East- West Festival with the piece Dream of a Butterfly. This piece was directed by her and was inspired by the Chinese story of Chau Zu. This April (2006) she performed in ‘In Transit’ a new piece of dance theatre from Image Mundi about planes, brains, and communication. It was presented at Oh! Art Oxford House.

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Jaime McManus. 2003-2004. Chile
"I have two shows in this moment, one is 'Herida' about a passionary murder... another show is for little spaces, performed every night, this is a smart comedy about consumism, capitalism.. My next personal project will be a large performance about my command (individual theme given at school) what I did in the last soiree (public performance at school) .. I keep working on it all this year... "

Yannis Sarakatsanis. 2002-2003. Greece
"..had no money, no theatre, no play and no actors... and to make a long story short, we did it! We opened last week. There are 6 actors, including Vasso (grad 2003) and Maria (grad 2004) and me .. People who come to the show leave excited and come again with friends.. we have exceeded the bar-theatre's capacity. The point is that I followed my instinct. I trusted the things I learned and discovered in the school in terms of directing, acting, improvising and writing. Everything seems to work. You gave me the technique and the confidence to attempt this. ... If you could see the show (and understand Greek as well!) you would be proud of us. "

Caroline Arragain. 2001-2002. France
“I thought you would be glad to hear about that, it is a proof that you’ve been successful in conveying to us your generosity and warmth …”

After the Full-Time-Professional-Programme, she did the TheatreWorks Programme where she created the piece Loving the Game: A Quest For Perfect Love. She presented it in London at the School; at the Chats Palace, at the Hoxton Hall, and at the Pleasance Theatre Stage. She took it to France, where she played it for a year. She now has her own company called Projectyl Theatre ( She’s presenting Ma Cage un creation en movement in the Theatre Les Enfants Terribles in Paris from the 2nd to 20th of may.

David Carter 2001-2002. UK
“Ron… you gave me the permission and encouragement to believe in myself and what I do. A big thank you for that mate… from the heart.”

David wrote a play entitled Viral Sutra. The story of an everyday HIV virus struggling for survival, wondering of God, the nature of self, the reason for existence, and the threat posed by readily available condoms. David presented this piece in November 2004. In August 2005 he wrote Reception and he presented it in the Soho Theatre Company produced by Out of Joint Theatre Company. Reception was a piece commissioned by B.S. Johnson. David is now a resident writer at the Fingborough Theatre, where he presented Death and Life and In Between. Now David has his own company Chrysalis Theatre together with Ryan Stuart another graduate from the Full-Time-Programme. Ryan complemented his training with a Drama Degree at LAMDA. David and Ryan work with addicts and people with born blood diseased through Chrysalis Theatre.

Derek Scott. 1983-1984. Canada
“Would have loved to have seen you, but unless you find yourself in San Francisco, going to miss you this time.”

Derek has been working professionally in the performing arts for over 20 years. He’s performing the lead role in the Off-Broadway production of Slava’s Show at the Union Square Theatre in New York. He has also worked with Cirque du Soleil in Monte Carlo, Frankfurt, and Los Angeles, as a Comedian Assistant Director. He created the role of Ben Johnson for Pomp, Duck and Circumstances. His Television experiences includes writing, directing or appearing The Comedy Network (Canada) FR3 (Frankfurt) TVNZ (New Zealand) Channel 7 (Australia) Showtime (USA) SDR (Germany) CBC (Canada) TV3 (Spain), and others.

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