the application

Fees for the full-time one-year programme are payable in three installments.
For each programme (except part-time classes) there is an application fee of £50. This fee is
non-refundable, but is applied towards the tuition fee upon acceptance.

Financial Aid
The school does not provide bursaries. We are registered for the Career Development Loan programme for U.K. students. Students from abroad are encouraged to apply for assistance in their home country. The school will make every effort to assist where possible.

The school does not provide accommodation for its students. Rent-sharing and co-operative
living with other students is often a strategy. The School provides an information and advice package on accommodation options to students accepted into any of the programmes.

Part-time work is also an option for some students, but ensure that it does not interfere
with the School schedule. Performance work cannot be accepted without the prior written approval of the Director.

Students graduating from the one year professional programme are issued with a certificate of graduation. Students completing the summer intensive and summer themes programmes are issued with a certificate of completion. Students completing the pedagogical programme are issued a certificate of graduation.

Student Visas
Students living in the EU or EEA do not require visas to study in the UK. Students should contact the closest British Consulat office in their home country for information on visa requirements. Before applying for a visa you must be accepted into the programme and be in receipt of the letter of acceptance from the School. The School is registered with the Department of Education and Skills to accept foreign students.

Making an Application

All applicants for the full-time and summer intensive classes, must supply:

  1. A complete resume of training and experience.
  2. A covering letter stating your reasons for applying to the School and your career goals. Please indicate which course you are asking for.
  3. A full-length photograph.
  4. Recommendations and any other information relevant to your application.
  5. The £50.00 application fee. This must be paid in pounds sterling only.

Full Time Programme:

application fee 50.00 (non refundable) will be applied to your fees

Summer Intensive Programme:
application fee 50.00 (non refundable) will be applied to your fees

Part Time Classes:
Send the workshop or workshops fees with your application

Event Registration: Surfacing
Send the workshop or workshops fees with your application

Post-Graduate Programs:
Application forms are available from the School and must be submitted by August 1st each year to be considered for either the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.

Send Applications to:

3 Mills Media Centre
3 Mill Lane, Bromley-by-Bow, London
England, E3 3DU
PHONE: 0208 215 3350 FAX: 0208 215 3482

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